Monday, September 10, 2007

what's your story?

Everybody has a story. What's yours?

Well, everybody does not have a story, not yet anyway. But everybody needs a story. Because that's the only way you can engage with someone or something.

Some people's stories are the work they've done. Or are doing. Some stories are about the books one has read or the movies one has watched. Some write their stories first, and then make them happen while some just see a story weave out by its own. Some people's stories are other people and some other people's stories are other stories.

Apple's (or the iPod's or iMac's or iPhone's) story is that of Steve Jobs' - iconoclast, maverick, successful, ultra-cool. Ferrari's story is the colour red. New Zealand's story is The Lord Of The Rings. Roger Federer's story is the poise. Shilpa Shetty's story (at least for a while) was the racial slander. Vijay Mallya's story is the glamour. A friend's story is the latest exasperating thing that happened to her. Another friend's story is his experiences of a new culture...

So, what's your story?


ashvysh said...

ours is a story of laughter, tears, hope, fears, walking into walls and inner noise.

we call it - 'ashvysh'.

Umang said...

Aah.. but that's your story for yourselves. Not for the world. :)

What I mean by "story" is what you use to engage other people, a way to start the conversation, how you make sure they listen.

But your comment leaves me with food for thought for another post - different kinds of stories that one can have and how they relate to each other...