Saturday, March 22, 2008

how to save the world's back office

"What India needs to do to survive as the world's back office boils down to this: It must first adjust its value system, and then it must broaden and strengthen its education programs to increase the supply of trained professionals."
An incisive article on the changing IT outsourcing scene in India: click here.

On may argue that the back office work might move on to other developing countries as India will take on more research and development. But I doubt we are ready to fill in there yet. An internal re-alignment of current businesses is more likely (path of least resistance). This will leave a vacuum (in expectations as well as reality) that will therefore cause some turmoil and heart-burn. The question is - how does one prepare for this and what will be the best way to take advantage of the shifting forces.


divyakant bengani said...

I don't have a problem with back office work, call centre's etc being outsourced to India. However, I would appreciate it if the people I spoke to on the phone could speak English properly.

I was speaking to this girl/woman/hag about my broadband connection and she said they'd get an 'eng-eer' out to take a look at it. She meant engineer - and I simply asked her to complete the rest of the call in Hindi....

Umang said...

Even the English don't speak English properly.

But really, what is proper will be defined by what most people think or do. And if most people say "eng-neer", that is proper enough. And if most people are Indians (one-sixths, at least), you're out of luck! ;-)

Divyakant Bengani said...

Hey, eng-Neer wouldn't be so bad, but eng-eer, aaargggh.

Also, I refuse to believe that all Indians who know the word would pronounce it as poorly as that woman. Therefore the 1/6 argument doesn't really hold good.

As an aside, is it wrong to be mean (without the use of profanities) to call centre staff, who call trying to sell you things?

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