Sunday, October 19, 2008

what makes entrepreneurs entrepreneurial

A great read:

The paper talks about Causal Reasoning and comes up with a concept called Effectual Reasoning in contrast that is an inherent quality of entrepreneurs. This scanned document also has bonus comments pencilled in by someone (someone from Khosla Ventures?).


Shiraz Datta said...

Hi Umang,

I saw your comments about Forum Nokia Calling All Innovators Contest.

I am responsible for Marketing of Forum Nokia in India Region.

I really appreciate your honest comment, and we do take due care about individuals privacy. We send communication to people who have registered with us on our website or events (Nokia’s & Partner’s).

However I am open to any suggestion(s) for desired betterment. We at Forum Nokia wants to ensure that developers should be aware and participate in a contest that would enable them to showcase their work to the world.

I will instruct to unsubscribe you from the mailing list. Thank you for your message and please feel free to connect with me at with your suggestion(s) or feedback.

Best Regards
Shiraz Datta

Umang said...

@Shiraz - Really appreciate your responding to my comment.

My complaint isn't about getting an email as a registrant on the Nokia website. My complaint is about getting the same email almost every other day.

Glad to see that Nokia has someone actively listening into the crowd and responding and acting. :)