Sunday, March 1, 2009


I went and got myself a bookcase yesterday, and took my books from Bangalore out of their carton. I should have done this ages ago. There is something about having books around that makes the place feel more like home. Something old and familiar.

When I found only a handful of books in the carton, I realized just how many I have left behind. There was a brief moment of regret, but then, it's good to have space for newer books. I used to read a book a week; sometimes, more. This has steadily been decreasing over the years. I have just finished The Watchmen and as I try to think back to what I had last read, I see Atonement in my reading list on this blog on the left. That was 9 or 10 months ago! I have read Neil Gaiman's Sandman series since, but that's hardly a consolation.

Just got Friedrich D├╝rrenmatt's The Visit and The Execution of Justice. Wikipedia describes his works as "macabre satire"! I'm looking forward to reading these.


Sushant said...

Hey i just finished the Sandman series!! superb isnt it? But I think the Lucifer series is a little better with better storyline.

check it out ->

jyothirmayee said...

Looks beautiful :)

Beyond books I am noticing the interiors. Sounds like you finally settled down in the new house.

Umang said...

Jyothi - I've only taken the photo of the corner that looks settled in. :)