Wednesday, April 22, 2009

the great indian election

Even though this Economist article says it all, the numbers signifying the scale of the national elections in India is something I just have to highlight by repeating here:

It will be spread over 5 stages,
taking 4 weeks and
involving 6.5 million staff.

In 543 constituencies,
4,617 candidates,
representing some 300 parties,
will compete for the ballots of an electorate of 714 million eligible voters.

In 828,804 polling stations,
1,368,430 electronic voting machines will be deployed.

It is hard not to be impressed by the process—and its resilience.

Do read
I so wish India had a provision for absentee ballot.

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Smriti said...

I wish the same too. (absentee ballot)
'None of the above'option should also be considered as most of the time one does'nt want to give their precious vote to any of the candidates.