Friday, May 15, 2009

on indian tv journalism

With the 2009 Indian Election results slowly trickling in, I am happy to see how the people have voted. And even happier to see some of the younger and more educated candidates leading (as yet) over the incumbents.

In all this excitement, the media is, of course, most excited. I was listening to a panel discussion on and here are some of the striking remarks/exchanges that I have to report from 15 minutes of listening in:

BJP chappie: We hold no one leader responsible for our performance.

Journalist (in all earnestness!): Sir, does that mean you have no responsible leader?

Yes, I would love for you to paraphrase what I say on a daily basis.
Journalist to CPM: Are you regretting your decision to break out of the governing coalition?

CPM: No. We like to stand by our ideals and what we believe in.
Journalist: But in this era of coalition governments, shouldn't you compromise a little?

That's great. Urge him to compromise so you can catch him off guard. Oh, you don't play that game? You really believe he should compromise on his ideals?
Journalist to BJP: Do you feel L.K.Advani has been let down by the party think-tank? I know you are a member of the think-tank so you will say no, but....

Haha. You don't say!

Journalist to BJP rep: Please introspect.

What, are you confessing him?
Journalist to BJP (Barkha Dutt, if I'm not wrong): Have you accepted defeat?
BJP: No, the results aren't final yet, and so far we are lagging. But we want to wait for the results.
Journalist: Once it is clear that you have lost, as it soon will be, you will have to concede defeat. In that case what will your comments be?

Phew. Why don't you stand for election with that attitude, miss?

We have the media to hold a mirror up to the countenance of our political leaders. We need someone to do the same for the media.