Saturday, August 30, 2008

experience is the product

The product is just a small part in the entire experience. Here's a great set of slides about creating the experience:

It's almost impossible to know the user's context. Ergo, build, measure, unbuild. Repeat. Of course, learn from other people's measurements.

Creating Passionate Users is another fantastic resource about creating the experience. It is an entire paradigm shift on how to think while designing a product.

Which brings me to Tufte - on the reading list for next weekend. His focus is specifically at data rather than a product, but it is eventually all the same. Will write about it later.

[Update: I later read this post and realised that the ideas I mention here seem disconnected: end-to-end experience, learning and gathering feedback from data, user-focus, and presenting data. Apologies - I was thinking two steps ahead of what I was writing. They are all connected and in a later post I will tie together the connections.]


Amit said...

Will look forward to your post on further connecting the different experience pieces together. Its amazing isn't it that companies can sometimes invest in good websites and not a good telephone experience, or in good brochures and not a good "waiting" experience. Inconsistency is probably the worst thing about Indian consumer experiences.


Umang said...

@Amit: That is so true. Eventually, I think, it all boils down to low levels of sense of ownership in most people. They just want to "do their job" and "get done with it".